Leaky Tap Repair in Sydney

Do you constantly face leaking tap problems in your home? Does your tap need repairs? Before minor problems turn into major, irreparable damages, address them right away. It may be small at the moment, but when it’s overlooked, it can become a source of disaster. Call Kitchen Pump Box Sydney, your expert plumbers, to handle the leaky tap repair so you don’t have to take the trouble anymore. Leave your leaking tap problems to us and we will have them fixed in no time.

Importance of Fixing a Leaky Tap

If there’s a drip in your kitchen or bathroom sink, do not ignore it. Calling a plumber, like Kitchen Pump Box Sydney, to repair it must be at the top of your to-do list. Here are some of the reasons why:

Leaky Tap Repair

1. You can prevent further water damage.

A leaky tap can quickly escalate from a nuisance to a major problem, where mold grows on your floors and walls. Leaving this maintenance issue unresolved will have you shelling out money to pay for mold cleanup.

2. You will have peace of mind.

We all know that constant dripping can drive you nuts. And covering your ears with a pillow won’t help solve the problem. They best and only way to stop the noise is to stop the problem.

3. You can save on your water bill.

Try to imagine throwing three gallons of clean water down the drain. That would be a phenomenal waste of money. However, if you just leave your leaky tap unrepaired, you are as good throwing the same amount of water and money away. Fix all the leaks in your home and office, and you’ll be surprised how much you could save.

How to Fix Leaky Tap Repair in Sydney

With a few handy tools, there are some ways that you can do a leaky tap repair even without the help of professional plumbers. Here are some ways:

Step One: Get the right tools and materials.

Leaky tap repair is like going into battle. You must have the right army to support you, and in this case, you must have the right tools. The following lists the materials that you may need:

  • 12mm (1/2”) washers
  • O-ring
  • Jumper valve
  • Reseating kit (if necessary)
  • Wrench /spanner or tap spanner set
  • Multi-grips (if necessary)
  • Screwdriver
  • Tap lubricant
  • Cloth

Step Two: Turn off the water supply at the mains and other preparations.

Before you start, turn off the water supply at the mains. This could be in different areas depending on what kind of establishment you’re doing the repairs in.

Another thing you should do to set the stage for repair work is to turn on the tap to release any water left in the pipe. You should also remember to plug a basin in the sink to prevent anything from falling down the drain when you do the repairs. Now, you’re ready!

Step Three: Remove the handle.

To remove the handle, you can use a spanner to screw the cover lose. If the tap has a metal cover, you can use your hands to unscrew it. You may also opt to use a wrench or spanner, whichever is easier for you.

Step Four: Unscrew the tap bonnet.

Once you have removed the handle, you now have access to the tap bonnet. Remove the headgear and check if there’s a large body washer, o-ring, and jumper valve.

Step Five: Replace defective parts with new ones.

Leaky taps are commonly caused by old or defective body washers, o-ring, and jumper valves that no longer work together. Replace these parts with the new ones if such is the case. For better sealing, you may use a tap lubricant.

Step Six: Refit the bonnet and spindle.

Make sure that all the new parts are placed accordingly, and once you do, you can now refit the bonnet and spindle, but don’t overtighten the nuts.

Step Seven: Put everything back together.

Screw the handle back, turn the water main back on and see if it worked.

Step Eight: Check for leaks.

There are times that the problem might not be the old and defective parts. This leaky tap repair might not work if your problem is reseating. If so, you may need to purchase a reseating kit.

When to seek professional help?

Even with the reseating kit and all, if the leaking persists, that is a clear sign that the problem needs a professional solution. Whenever your pump box is failing again and can no longer be repaired, it is best to upgrade your unit to a new and durable one. All you have to do is call for professional assistance.

Working with Professional Plumbers in Sydney

It’s a fact that no one can deny that taps are vulnerable to leak. It can even cause water damage around the leaking area. Before this happens, Kitchen Pump Box Sydney comes to your rescue. Our professional plumbers will provide leaky tap repair service, pump repair and service to help you stop a small problem from growing into an emergency situation. We are always ready to offer assistance to our neighbors in Sydney.

When your tap leaks, don’t hesitate to reach us out. With our experience and expertise, we are confident that we will be able to deliver quality service in carrying out the job. Get in touch with us today and let us be the help you need in fixing your plumbing problem.


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